Today, I would love to take you on the charcoal route again. An article on it has been written on our site before (I added the link at the end of this post so you can read more if you choose) But right now, permit me to refresh your mind or educate more on it.
Charcoal is one of the most disregarded products at home. We only see the need for it when it is time to set fire .In case you never gave it much attention, this is the time to do so because it has so much benefits to offer than just lighting up of fire.                                      Below are the benefits of charcoal you might never know:
1. Preventing bad odour
Does your shoe smell bad? Just get some charcoal & put it in them. Do you have any bad smell in your room? Drop some charcoal where you suspect the smell could be coming from. Does your fridge or freezer smell? Put a piece of charcoal in it. Do you have strong body odour? Just make a powder out of charcoal & use.
Charcoal is very good at getting rid of bad smell. People with poultry farms can use it to remove the small of faeces.
2. Keeping_Food_Fresh
If you want your vegetables to be fresh all the time, just make a solution out of charcoal & leave your vegetables in them. Thank us later.
3. Removing_Toxins_From_Food
These days, people complain about the use of fertilizers on plants & vegetables, making them unwholesome & poisonous. If you have charcoal, you don’t need to worry about this. All you need to do is leave the vegetables in a charcoal solution overnight & it’ll take care of the toxins. If you suspect any food contains too many chemicals, just drop them in a charcoal solution for some hours & you’re good to go.
4. For_Teeth_Whitening
If you want to whiten your teeth, pay no attention to all these adverts on whitening chemicals & technology. Just get yourself some charcoal & grab hold of a plantain stalk. Make a powder out of the charcoal, mash the tip of the plantain stalk, dip it into the charcoal powder & brush your teeth with it for a week.
5. Restoring_Soup_That_Went_Bad
Did your groundnut soup or palm nut soup go bad? No need to worry about pouring it all away. Just put it back on fire & drop a piece of charcoal in it. This will extract all the bad taste & smell & restore the soup to its fresh state.
6. Detoxifying
Do you have a hangover out of a drink out with friends the previous night? Just have some charcoal with you & chew on it. To make it more effective, make a nice solution out of it & drink. You’re good to go.
7. Healing_Wounds
Do you have a situation where someone’s wound has become so infected to the state doctors are saying they have to cut the affected area? Don’t stress over it, get a large amount of charcoal powder & pour it on the wound. This will extract all the poison from the wound & also help it heal faster. If you have a cut & you want to treat it fast, just get some powdered charcoal & pour on it.
8. Water_Filtration
Do you feel your water is contaminated? You don’t need all these products on the market. Charcoal can do better, just drop some amount of it in it. Don’t worry about the colour, it is safe, you can even chew on charcoal.
9. Skin_Cleansing
Do you have pimples, acne or any skin disease you really want to get rid of or do you want a very smooth face or skin? All you need is charcoal. Make a thick solution out of it & smear it on your body & leave it on for some hours before taking your bath. It will leave your skin smooth & fresh.
10. Stain_Removal
Do you have some stubborn stain in your kitchen, washroom or on your tiles? You actually need charcoal to get rid of it. I know you’re imagining how this black stainy product can actually remove stains right? Just try it, it works like magic.                                                              So those are pretty much the benefits of charcoal. 

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