#StopTheNCDCBill: House of Rep plans to Forcefully Vaccinate Nigerians – Nigerians reacts ~ Matters Arising

#StopTheNCDCBill: House of Rep plans to Forcefully Vaccinate Nigerians – Nigerians reacts ~ Matters Arising

The House of Reps recently drafted The Infectious Diseases Act which grants the NCDC more administrative powers from forceful vaccinations to limitations on Freedom of association.

The Bill was sponsored by the Speaker of The House of Reps, Femi Gbajabiamila.

While many House of Reps members openly denied knowledge of the bill, responding, Gbajabiamila appologised to members over his failure to circulate the bill properly, blaming it on the emergency situation in the country.
He argued that this was not going to be the first time a bill would be passed on the floor of the house, without proper circulation ahead of debate.
Gbajabiamila also argued that Public Hearing was not an integral part of lawmaking, saying that not all bills that had been passed by the house went through public hearings.
The speaker urged the house to pass the bill for second and third reading and transmit it to the Senate for concurrence.

When the Deputy Speaker, Rep. Ahmed Wase put the matter to vote, most members voted against it but he ruled that the bill be passed for second reading.
However, when it was time for consideration of the bill at the Committee of the Whole before it was passed for third reading, Gbajabiamila said that it should be stepped down to Tuesday, June 4, to enable members go through the bill.

Some Nigerians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Bill.

Nigerians started the #StopTheNCDCBill to lament their fears about forced vaccinations and granting the NCDC too much power.

As at 11:55pm 29th April. NCDC reported 1728 confirmed cases in Nigeria and 51 Deaths.

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  • okechukwu maduka

    (April 30, 2020 - 1:44 pm)

    Why should nigeria will be more worried about the vaccine while the people that produce this had not been taking it however this mighty help some part of nigeria to get what they are looking for

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