I owe nobody apology for announced chloroquine, Vitamin C to remedy coronavirus – Bauchi governor ~ Matters Arising

I owe nobody apology for announced chloroquine, Vitamin C to remedy coronavirus – Bauchi governor

Bauchi state governor Bala mohammed says he has no apologies for backing the usage of chroloquine and zithromax to deal with coronavirus sufferers in his state. He said, “pertaining what i said approximately the use of chloroquine, zinc, zithromax and diet c for the remedy of covid-19. I used to be misquoted. I was as soon as a covid-19 affected person. How did i am getting cured? I only made a advice and it was not a recommendation of the committee for covid-19 in the nation.

“i have no apologies for pronouncing that i used chloroquine, zinc, zithromax and vitamin c to get cured, however allah cured me.

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“it is not chloroquine or some thing, many nations are the usage of modern medicinal drug to fight the pandemic. It is commonplace expertise that covid-19 has no vaccine and pills, we’re simply groping in the darkish. But when you have signs and symptoms of fever, you’re taking chloroquine and treatment it.

“when you have signs of infection, you take zithromax and cure it. If you have signs and symptoms of weak point, you can take panadol to therapy it. You don’t need a medical doctor. But, doctors are prescribing.

“i did not take those drugs on my own, i took them primarily based on the recommendation.”

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