MUST READ: Main Reason E-money guards Withdrawn

Main Reason E-money guards Withdrawn

“E-money and other Nigerians who show off with humiliating pictures of our Police bowing to them, opening car doors for them, etc are foolish, arrogant and disrespectful. They can’t try such in other countries….

“This is why people refuse to pay tax in Nigeria… How can the poor man’s tax be used to pay police salary so the police can serve the rich?

The IGP has withdrawn the police illegally attached to him… Imagine that 6 police officers were protecting this guy…. The same applies to all daddy G.Os, CEOs etc who drive around with police Estcourt….. That nonsense needs to stop.

“If you need body guards, hire private security services… This nonsense of turning our national police to domestic maids is foolish and wicked. It needs to stop. – Pastor Charles Awuzie

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