Abomination: Minister Appoint Man Who Wishes Buhari’s Death As Head Of Media Aids ~ Matters Arising

Abomination: Minister Appoint Man Who Wishes Buhari’s Death As Head Of Media Aids

Minister Appoint Man who wishes Buhari Death

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Miss Sadiya Farouq betrays God and the whole APC, appoints any person who prefer Buhari dead as head of media.
Its so shameful and embarrassing that @Sadiya_farouq appointed such a man or woman to Head the Media of @FMHDSD.

Of recent, she has been significantly criticised for her horrific choices, over-employment and incapabilityto control the lots programmes that the President gave her to manage.

Toni Kan @Tonikan11, who has considering now deleted his Twitter account ultimate week #EnemyWithin and a committed PDP member and supporter, has been appointed with the aid of Min @Sadiya_farouq of @FMHDSD.
Toni was once abusing and calling us Devils for Voting Buhari in 2015 and 2019..
He wished Buhari dying on countless Ocassions.

The minister of Humanitarian affairs , Miss Sadiya Farrouq. You can’t go an agenda with human beingswho do no longer consider in the agenda.

You have 48hours to now not solely terminate the appointment of Toni Kan however to hand him over to the police for even accepting such appointment after wishing our president loss of life severally, after insulting our celebration APC and individualsseverally.

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