2021: Five #5 facts behind Dangote Refinery that Western Media don’t want to talk about

Five #5 facts behind Dangote Refinery that Western Media don’t want to talk aboutAhead of 2021 report: This is of Dangote refinery of petrol chemical processing plants the single largest train of petrol Chemical complex in the World with 92% close to completion.

The Western medias are not interested in reporting development like this in Africa, they only care about promoting malnourished babies with flies in their mouth.

1. In case you don’t know, this complex alone has the capacity to supply the entire continent of Africa with Aviation Fuel. No need for any African country to import from Europe.

2. The complex also has the capacity to develop custom made Fertilizer fit for the African soil for Agriculture. Different from the bad fertilizer we usually import from Europe which pollute our soil.

3. The same complex will supply Gas to the Nigerian Gas Master-Plan power plants which has the capacity to generate 12000 MW of electricity for National consumption in addition to our current capacity of just 3500.

~CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
~LNG (Liquified Natural Gas)
~LPG (Liquefied Pressured Gas)

In addition, a 4000 Kilometer gas pipeline is currently under construction from Nigeria to connect the entire West African region up to Morocco to eventually supply Europe with Natural Gas.

4. The Refinary also has the capacity to process 650,000 barrels of fuel per day against the National consumption of more than 1 Million barrels per day.

No more import and subsidies for refined products.

5. The complex will create both direct and indirect job of over 150,000 individuals and cutting Nigerian more $5 Billion USD in Foreign Exchange from importations.

According to Kunle Durodolu, he said It is part of Ambode  achievement because he allocate that land to them when Niger Delta people kick against Dangote building that refinery in their region because he is an Hausa man.

People should be mindful it is only state Governor that have control over lands in their domain and Ambode claimed that land from Atlantic ocean by sand filling it 3 meters above sea level before allocating it to dangote for refinery.

State and FG helped Dangote to secure the loan from foreign investors before the construction agreements can be agreed upon.

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10 months ago

[…] 2021: Five #5 facts behind Dangote Refinery that Western Media don’t want to talk about […]

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