Netizen drags Ayra Star for disrespecting Sunny Ade, I’m so sorry – Ayra Star tenders apology

Nigerian singer Ayra Star faced criticism from the public for not showing proper respect to music legend King Sunny Ade at a recent event. 

The incident involved Ayra Star failing to kneel and greet veterans, including King Sunny Ade. 

In response to the backlash, Ayra Star apologized, explaining that the lights and nerves upon her arrival prevented her from initially recognizing the veterans. She asserted her commitment to respect and mentioned that she eventually greeted everyone properly.

Her apology conveyed regret for any perceived disrespect and emphasized her cultural values as a “proper Yoruba girl.” 

Ayra Star clarified that the video capturing the incident only began after she had greeted Burna Boy’s mother. 

Her tweet on X reads “😭😭 I’m so sorry , I had just walked in and all the lights and nerves didn’t let me see but i came back around to greet everyone properly, I have never been that girl to be disrespectful, I’m a proper Yoruba girlllll and the video didn’t start until after I’d greeted burna’s mom ! I’m very sorry to the  legend, uncle and King Sunny Ade”

This apology aims to address the concerns raised by Nigerians and reaffirm Ayra Star’s respect for the legendary King Sunny Ade and others present at the event.


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