Abuja Barber (Kallystouch) Stands Firm After Missing Out on Life-Changing Opportunity to Cut Davido’s Hair

A Nigerian barber based in Abuja with Instagram username @kallystouch has sparked controversy after insulting Davido, a popular musician, and calling him “003”. 

In response, Davido revealed that the barber had missed a life-changing opportunity to cut his hair, stating, “I had saved your photo, you were supposed to cut my hair when I was in Abuja, but you have dullned your generational blessings.”

Despite this, the barber remains unapologetic, declaring, “Davido is not my God, and he is not my helper. I never dreamt of barbing him, and I have no regrets over what I said.” 

The barber went on to express his loyalty to Wizkid, another prominent musician, saying, “Wizkid remains my 001 forever till death.”

Davido comment reads “I done save your photo, you for cut my hair when I Dey Abuja but you done dull your Generational Blessings, I opened shop for my last 3 Barbers”

The barber with username @kallystouch in his response “I don’t have any regret in what I said, I never dreamt of Barbing Davido, he is not my God, and he his not my helper, when the time is right I go blow, Wizkid still remains my 001 Forever till d**th”

This incident has generated significant attention on social media, with many users praising the barber’s courage and others criticizing his actions as unprofessional. 

Regardless, the barber’s stance has sparked a wider conversation about loyalty, respect, and the power dynamics between celebrities and their fans.


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