Financial Burden: Tinubu Orders CBN to Suspend Cybersecurity Levy

In a move to alleviate the financial burden on Nigerians, President Bola Tinubu has instructed the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to postpone the introduction of the cybersecurity levy. 

This decision comes after the President acknowledged the sensitivity of the issue and the potential impact on the citizens.

According to a statement, Tinubu has asked the CBN to hold off on implementing the policy, which was initially enacted in 2015 during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The President’s goal is to review the law and ensure that it does not add to the burden of the people.

The cybersecurity levy, which was set to be implemented through banks, has been put on hold pending the review. This move demonstrates Tinubu’s commitment to being sensitive to the needs and concerns of Nigerians. 

By postponing the levy, the President aims to alleviate the financial strain on citizens and promote a more inclusive and equitable economic environment.

Tinubu’s decision to review the cybersecurity levy is a testament to his administration’s commitment to listening to the concerns of Nigerians and working towards their betterment. By putting the needs of the people first, the President has shown that his government is dedicated to creating a more prosperous and sustainable future for all.

The postponement of the cybersecurity levy is a welcome development for many Nigerians, who have been struggling to cope with the current economic challenges. 

As the review process begins, it is hoped that the government will continue to engage with citizens and stakeholders to ensure that any future policies are implemented with the utmost sensitivity and consideration for the people.


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