Why Tunde Ednut’s Persistent Peddling of “Fake News” Against Nigeria

A popular Instagram influencer, Tunde Olauluwa Adekunle popularly known as Tunde Ednut has been consistently spreading false information and fueling negative narratives about Nigeria and its government. 

His actions are driven by a desire to appease his followers, who largely consist of individuals eager to see Nigeria’s downfall. 

By perpetuating falsehoods, Ednut seeks to boost his online engagement and reach, even if it means contributing to the country’s detriment.

Tunde Ednut’s allegiance lies with the opposition and agitators, who share his goal of tarnishing Nigeria’s image both domestically and internationally. 

By peddling fake news and misinformation, he provides ammunition for those seeking to discredit the country and its leadership at any given opportunity. 

His actions are detrimental to the nation’s progress and unity, as they sow discord and fuel unrest.

It is essential to recognize the harm caused by Ednut’s actions and if possible he should be hold accountable for spreading falsehoods. 

His influence should not be used to manipulate public opinion and undermine the country’s stability. Instead, he should utilize his platform to promote factual information, unity, and progress for Nigeria.

By doing so, Tunde Ednut can contribute positively to the nation’s growth and development, rather than perpetuating harmful narratives that only serve to divide and destabilize. 

I think it’s crucial for social media influencers like Ednut to wield their influence responsibly and ethically, avoiding the spread of misinformation and promoting a more informed and united society.

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