Suicide Bomber Storms Bank in Plateau Demand ₦100 million (Watch Video)

In a daring incident, a young man attempted to rob a commercial bank in Plateau, demanding ₦100 million in cash.

The suicide bomber joined the queue, wrote a note to the teller, and threatened to detonate the bomb if his demand wasn’t met.

However, the quick-thinking teller remained calm and discreetly informed the bank authorities.

The bank staff professionally handled the situation, opening the exit door to allow customers to leave while stalling the bomber with promises of arranging the money.

Meanwhile, they alerted security, who arrived promptly and fired a warning shot, causing the bomber to flee outside.

Initially, security personnel and passersby were startled and ran away, but they soon regained composure and chased after the bomber.

The swift response and bravery of the bank staff and security forces thwarted the attempted heist, preventing potential harm to innocent lives and property.


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