Why we can’t ascertain what k*lled Mohbad – Pathologist open up on autopsy

A pathologist has revealed that the cause of singer Mohbad’s de*th cannot be ascertained due to the decomposition of his body before the autopsy was conducted. 

This revelation was made by Mohbad’s lawyer in a recent interview with the media. 

The pathologist explained that the delay in conducting the autopsy hindered the ability to determine the exact cause of de*th. 

Mohbad’s lawyer expressed disappointment and frustration with the outcome, stating that the family and fans of the late singer were eagerly awaiting answers about his sudden passing.

The inability to determine the cause of de*th has left many questions unanswered, and the case remains a mystery. 

Mohbad’s fans and loved ones continue to mourn his loss, seeking closure and justice. 

The singer’s untimely de*th has sent shockwaves through the music industry, and the lack of clarity surrounding his passing has only added to the tragedy. 

As the investigation continues, fans and family members hold onto memories of Mohbad’s talent and legacy, hoping that one day, the truth about his dea*th will be revealed.


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