Why You Should Know Your Child’s Roots from Day One” – OAP Dotun on DNA Test at Birth

OAP Dotun has sparked a conversation on social media by suggesting that DNA tests should be a prerequisite immediately after a child is born. He posted on his X handle:

“I believe DNA shld be a prerequisite immediately a child is born. The same way they carry out tests on a child when they are born. It shld be seamless. It is seen as sacred cos people see it as a borderline mishap for trust but It’s best to know in the beginning & now.”

In another post, he added:

“The moment it’s seen as a mechanism for trust then it defeats the purpose. It was not invented to test trust. Also, it produces your genetic info, your health history & things you need to look out for, for example, if you have a family history of hypertension, it will tell you.”

OAP Dotun’s suggestion aims to promote transparency and awareness from the outset, rather than using DNA tests as a means to question paternity later on. 

He emphasizes that DNA tests provide valuable genetic information and health history, which can help individuals take preventive measures and make informed decisions about their health.

By advocating for DNA tests as a prerequisite at birth, OAP Dotun encourages a shift in perspective, prioritizing knowledge and preparedness over potential trust issues. 

His argument highlights the benefits of DNA testing in promoting health awareness and understanding one’s genetic makeup from the start.


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