Ingrate: Igbos Wole Soyinka Fought for in 1969 Are the Ones Cursing Him Today – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a prominent Nigerian author and social media personality, has called out what he perceives as ingratitude from some members of the Igbo community towards Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka. 

Omokri’s comments come in response to recent criticisms and insults directed at Soyinka, who is widely respected for his contributions to literature and his activism during the Nigerian Civil War.

Ingrate: Igbos Wole Soyinka Fought for in 1969 Are the Ones Cursing Him Today - Reno Omokri
Omokri’s highlighted the sacrifices and efforts made by Soyinka during a critical period in Nigerian history. 

He draws attention to a significant historical moment, referring to a Daily Times headline from October 9, 1969. This headline marked the release of Wole Soyinka after 22 months of imprisonment. 

Soyinka had been detained for advocating on behalf of the Biafrans, a group predominantly made up of Igbos, during the civil war. 

Omokri laments that fifty-five years later, the descendants of those Soyinka fought for are now directing vitriol towards him.

In his statement: “Again, this is the headline of the Daily Times on Thursday, October 9, 1969, the day after Wole Soyinka was released from 22 months of imprisonment for advocating for Biafrans. Fifty-five years later, the children of those he fought for are insulting him and saying things like, ‘You no go die better’, ‘Your father!’ and ‘Stomach Infrastructure’.”

“Peter Obi was eight years old on that day. He is one of the children Soyinka was fighting for. Wole Soyinka will be ninety in six weeks. Even if you cannot respect him for his age, at least revere him for what he did for some of our people and their parents when the whole world had abandoned them. Please fact-check me. Soyinka fought for food relief to be sent to Biafra.”

“Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed should consider this before threatening to “destroy” Professor Soyinka. If General Gowon, with fifty thousand soldiers, could not destroy Wole Soyinka, I seriously doubt that Baba-Ahmed can destroy the Nobel laureate even if he attacks with fifty thousand Obidients.”

“And to those saying Soyinka ‘has no future’ in Nigeria, please note that if not for men like Soyinka, who fought for justice and human rights, perhaps Peter Obi would not have had a future after the Nigerian Civil War.”

“As for stomach infrastructure, I encourage you to Google the prize money that comes with the Nobel Award. Money is the least of Soyinka’s concerns.”


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