Xenophobia: South Africans rejoice online as they k!lled 6 Nigerians in cold blood

 A disturbing trend has emerged on social media, where some South African users are rejoicing over the reported k*lling of six Nigerians in their country. 

The celebration has sparked outrage and condemnation from many, who have called out the hateful and violent rhetoric.

One user, Erwin Römmel, wrote, “That’s so disappointing, only six. Let’s do better.” Another user, Mpumi wa Havillah beauty, commented, “My South African people never disappoint.” Justice Plank also wrote, “Well done to the person who did this beautiful act. Please bless us with 6 every day till the end of the year.”

These comments are not only reprehensible but also perpetuate a harmful and violent narrative towards Nigerians and potentially other foreign nationals.

The reported incident and the subsequent celebration have sparked concerns about xenophobia and violence in South Africa.


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