Tragedy Strikes: Mosque Collapse in Papa Ajah, Lagos Claims Many Lives

A devastating incident occurred on Sunday afternoon, May 26, in the Papa Ajao area of Lagos State, as a mosque collapsed during afternoon prayers, leaving many feared dead and injured. 

The Muslim faithful were gathered for their daily devotions when the disaster struck, causing widespread destruction and chaos.

Eyewitnesses report that the mosque suddenly caved in, trapping numerous worshippers beneath the rubble. Emergency responders and local residents rushed to the scene to rescue those buried under the debris. 

Unfortunately, many bodies have been recovered, with both dead and injured individuals among them. The exact number of casualties is still unknown, but it is feared that many more may be trapped beneath the wreckage.

The cause of the collapse is yet to be determined, but an investigation is likely to be launched to ascertain the circumstances surrounding this devastating incident.

As rescue efforts continue, the community comes together to mourn the loss of lives and offer support to those affected by this heartbreaking incident. 


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