‘You Are a Disgrace’ – Jidex Slams Saida BOJ Over Relationship Red Flags

Activist Jidex has strongly condemned popular media personality Saida BOJ for advising ladies to ask guys for money just 24 hours after meeting them. 

Jidex labeled this advice as “very wrong” and compared it to a guy expecting sex from a lady just 24 hours after meeting her, stating, “How would you feel if a guy wants to sleep with you just barely 24 hours after meeting you?”

Jidex further warned, “Any young lady who takes you as a role model is in very big trouble.” This criticism comes after Saida BOJ made disturbing comments about her expectations from men on a podcast. She stated, “If you send me just 100k, I’ll block you, what am I supposed to do with that? It’s disrespectful. 

“Men see good girls as fools, and I’ll never be one of them. You are trying to ask me out instead of 500k, you send me 100k? I’ll block you. If you spend maybe ₦20 million, I might open my legs for you, besides one time won’t hurt, and you’ll be the one doing the job.”

Saida BOJ’s comments have sparked outrage and concern among many who believe she is promoting a harmful and exploitative attitude towards relationships. 

In another podcast interview, she perpetuated harmful stereotypes by stating, “Broke men don’t deserve to be loved,” and expressing joy at seeing a woman divorce her husband, citing “self-awareness” as the reason. 

These statements promote a culture of disposability and disregard for the importance of working through challenges and building strong, healthy relationships.

Jidex’s call-out of Saida BOJ’s harmful advice has sparked a necessary conversation about the impact of social media influencers


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