“Nigerians Appreciate Me as a Person, But Not My Music” – Tems

In an interview with Korty, Grammy-winning singer Tems shared her thoughts on how Nigerians perceive her music. 

When asked if she feels appreciated by Nigerians and if they understand her sound, Tems revealed a nuanced perspective.

While Tems acknowledged that Nigerians appreciate her as a person, she expressed doubts about whether they fully connect with her music. “Understand, no. I don’t know if they appreciate my music, but I feel appreciated as a person by Nigerians,” she said.

Tems’ response suggests a distinction between her personal popularity and the reception of her artistry. 

Despite her success and accolades, including a Grammy win, Tems believes that her music may not resonate with Nigerians on a deeper level.

Tems’ honesty sparks a larger conversation about the relationship between creativity, cultural context, and personal connection.


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