Strike: NLC President, Joe Ajaero is Fighting a Proxy War for Peter Obi – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, a political commentator, has accused Joe Ajaero, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), and his associates of being supporters of Peter Obi, a former presidential candidate. 

Omokri claims that Ajaero and his team are waging a proxy war on behalf of Obi, with the ultimate goal of disrupting the economy and paving the way for Obi’s potential presidential bid in 2027.

Omokri’s statement reads, in part: “₦494,000 is more than sixteen times the current minimum wage of ₦30,000. If the Federal Government accepts that as the new minimum wage, and Nigeria’s production capacity does not also increase times sixteen, it will lead to the mother of all inflation that will destroy the Nigerian economy and turn us into Zimbabwe and Venezuela.”

“If producers of goods and services, like Dangote, Indomie, Nestle, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Glo, petrol stations, etc, have to pay their staff a minimum of ₦494,000, what do you think they will charge for their products? You, as a worker, will be jumping from frying pan to fire”

“Joel Ajaero and his gang are not economists, and worse still, they are supporters of Peter Obi. They endorsed him during the election. They campaigned for him. They defended him. Please assume I am a liar and fact-check me. 

They are fighting a proxy war for Peter Obi. Obviously, the 2027 election is affecting their direction. They do not have an economic agenda. They have a political objective.”

“If the Federal Government should give in to their outrageous demands, it is you who will suffer. Ajaeeo is not poor. He has money. He travels abroad in style. He can relocate his family. It is you and your family that will bear the brunt of this politician in labour union clothes.”

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