Why I relocate my business from Southeast to Lagos – Cubana Chiefpriest

Cubana Chiefpriest, a prominent businessman, recently revealed in an interview with BBC why he relocated his business from the South East to Lagos. 

He attributed his decision to the pervasive insecurity in the East, which had significantly impacted his business operations.

Chiefpriest lamented that the fear of kidnapping and killing had driven away customers from the East, who previously visited home regularly. 

This decline in patronage forced him to seek alternative opportunities in Lagos. He emphasized that the violence perpetrated by unknown gunmen had ravaged the region, hindering economic growth and development.

The businessman passionately appealed for unity and reconciliation, urging the populace to channel their grievances into constructive actions like voting during elections rather than resorting to violence against fellow citizens. He stressed the need for collective efforts to rebuild and revitalize the South East.

Chiefpriest’s relocation to Lagos highlights the economic consequences of insecurity in the South East. 

His story serves as a testament to the resilience of entrepreneurs in the face of adversity and the importance of finding solutions to regional challenges.

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