Governors, Senators, and Reps should get same Minimum Wage – Fr. Mbaka

Reverend Father Mbaka, a prominent religious leader, has called for the equalization of minimum wage for all public servants, including Governors, Senators, and Representatives. 

In a recent interview on AIT TV, Father Mbaka argued that since these individuals are also civil servants, they should receive the same minimum wage as laborers.

According to Father Mbaka, “Governors, Senators, Reps are all civil servants. I don’t understand why they are embezzling millions of Naira with all the allowances such as wardrobe, traveling, hazard, and much more.” He emphasized that the people who truly deserve these allowances are the poor masses.

Father Mbaka highlights the disparity in compensation for public servants in Nigeria. While lawmakers and governors receive substantial salaries and allowances, many civil servants and laborers struggle to make ends meet with the minimum wage.

The reverend father’s advocacy for equal pay is a call to action for policymakers to reevaluate the compensation structure for public servants and ensure fairness and equity in the distribution of resources.

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