June 12: They Will Kill Me if I Announced MKO Abiola – General Ibrahim Babangida Express Regrets ~ Matters Arising

They Will Kill Me if I Announced MKO Abiola – General Ibrahim Babangida Express Regrets

They Will Kill Me if I Announced MKO Abiola - General Ibrahim Babangida Express Regrets


”They will kill me; they will kill the President-Elect, Chief MKO Abiola, if I went ahead with the election and announced the winner of the elections, which we all recognize to be Bashorun, Chief MKO Abiola. I know so; I am no longer daft. He won; he tried. I sense horrific about the complete matter.

”Professor, I do now not see how they will spare you due to the fact they comprehend you are my major confidant. You assume they do now not understand you? They know; they be aware of you are with me now. They noticed you coming in and they comprehend you are with me now. I CANNOT KILL MYSELF for the sake of what the country wants. I am sorry,” he lamented.

It used to be wonderful to hear a General state that he should now not lay down his life for his country. It was once clear that General Babangida used to be in a fix as of June 21, 1993.

I then proceeded to deal with the questions of who have been these “they” and for what motives would they favor to kill the President and the President-Elect if the June 12 election had been allowed to go forward. He named them in army and in ethnic categories:

”Sani (Abacha) is adversarial to a return to civilian rule. Sani may want to not stand the thought of Chief Abiola, a Yoruba, turning into his Commander-in-Chief; Sani appears to have the ears of the Northern leaders that no Southerner, specially from the South-West, ought to come to be the President of the country. Sani appears to rally the Northern elders to confront me on the matter. He is winning; the Sultan and the Northern leaders are of this body of mind.

”Where do I go from here? They did no longer have faith me. Without Sani, I will no longer be alive today; barring the North, I would no longer have turn out to be an officer in the Nigerian Army, and now the President of Nigeria. I did no longer favor to show up ungrateful to Sani; he may additionally now not be vibrant upstairs however he is aware of how to overthrow governments and overpower coup plotters.

”He saw to my coming to office in 1985 and to my safety in the many coups I confronted in the past, particularly the Orkar coup of 1990 the place he saved me and my family, along with my toddler daughter.

”Sani risked his life to get me into office in 1983 and 1985; if he says he does no longer prefer Chief Abiola, I will no longer pressure Chief Abiola on him.”

He additionally named Lieutenant-General Joshua Dongoyaro and Brigadier-General David Mark as these who have been in opposition to Chief Abiola.

In fact, he quoted David Mark as saying:

”I’d shoot Chief Abiola the day NEC (National Electoral Commission) proclaims him the elected President!” #HistoryVille

Credits: From the book, ”The Tale of June 12: The Betrayal of the Democratic Rights of Nigerians (1993)” by way of Professor Omorhionwan Omoruyi, Press Alliance Network Limited, 1999.

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