APC Crisis: President Buhari Silence Will Destroyed APC and Party May Lose Edo. – Prof.Itse Sagay ~ Matters Arising

APC Crisis: “President Buhari Silence Will Destroyed APC and Party May Lose Edo.” – Prof.Itse Sagay

“The President can’t be aloof in this situation. He has been aloof so far and that is extraordinarily unstablefor the future of the party”.

“He has to intervene, bring authority to bear on the party and straighten out the state of affairsimmediately”.

“When it receives to a stage where matters have degenerated to stage that an Assistant National Secretary is declaring himself as the National chairman and everybody is searching and the President is saying nothing, the party will end up in chaos and definitely, the party will lose out in Edo and it will have greater implications”.

”Once you have allowed a mole to enter the partythrough self declaration and takes authority and nothing is done, then the very existence of the partywill be in danger…..”


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