Worst Regime in History Of Enugu State After Spending Over N250 Billions – Bede Chukwuekezie Reacts on Poor Infrastructure ~ Matters Arising

Worst Regime in History Of Enugu State After Spending Over N250 Billions – Bede Chukwuekezie Reacts on Poor Infrastructure

Again, Bede Chukwuekezie Queries Gov. Ugwuanyi on poor infrastructure

“Note: we are not saying that the governor should have solved all the problems in the state in 5 years. But after spending over N250 billion on capital expenditures, we should at least see some completed projects in these sectors.

“1. We have three catholic dioceses in Enugu state- Enugu, Nsukka & Awgu. These three dioceses have three bishop’s houses. Can you point at any that has a full blown church in the Bishop’s house? (Note: not chapels that are normally inside their houses).

“2. Can you show us any government owned school in Enugu state that has been renovated or built to international standards. It can be a kindergarten, primary school, secondary school or university. Yardstick for measurement are: secondary school- Adorable British college Enugu. Nursery and Primary school: St. Pope John paul II primary and nursery school Uyo. The school must have complete buildings, academic facilities, learning resources, complete teaching staff, sports facilities, etc.

“3. Can you show us any hospital that has been upgraded or newly built to international standards by this government in the last 5 years. The hospital must be completed and equipped to carry out all or most of the functions it is expected to carry out.

“4. We are now 4 months into the coronavirus pandemic in Enugu state. It costs around N50 million and takes about 1-2 weeks to put up a molecular/ virology laboratory where coronavirus tests and other tests can be conducted. Can we say that we have any in Enugu state and where?

“*for those who feel our Govs should imitate northern Govs that built mosques in govt houses, they should also ask them to imitate them in building schools like the one built by Gov of Borno state*”

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