IPOB Responsible For Death of Bishop John E. Okoye Says Prince Okey Emezu ~ Matters Arising

IPOB Responsible For Death of Bishop John E. Okoye Says Prince Okey Emezu ~ Matters Arising

This is Bishop John Ekwukponachukwuokwu Okoye. He passed on on Thursday, the 16th of July, four days after Nnamdi Kanu’s and his IPOB group coerced and persuaded him to be part of their illegitimate and unlawful gathering at Oba, Anambra State and be used as a shield against the law enforcement authority and the angry Oba Youths who don’t want anything IPOB in their community.

Recall how swift Nnamdi Kanu’s was in reacting to the death as well as the wordings of his post which smacks of suspicion especially when he Nnamdi Kanu said that death was due to the “attack in Oba,”

IPOB could have ‘sacrificed’ the elderly clergy, who was incidentally, one of the group of persons the IPOB Supreme Leader described as “going to hell for being a Pastor” exposing him to an untimely death for the purpose of whipping up sentiments.

Just look at this, why would IPOB, a group of young hooligans, who gathering in Oba, Anambra state, with hundreds of cartons of beer and other hard drinks and probably with some illicit consumables, to eat and get drunk, coarse such a highly respectable but fragile elder of the society to serve as a shield to their illegal/unlawful gatherings. This is a complete depictions of how desperate IPOB and Kanu can be. People who are ready to sacrifice anyone for their selfish activities. Would Nnamdi Kanu dared to drag and place his late father in such a precarious situations or to such a ridiculous illegal activity.

An eyebrow was raised when the IPOB’S supreme leader wrote “those who are responsible for his sudden death will never have peace on earth and afterlife. Kanu must therefore know more than we thought and should come forward or be extradited to testify in this investigation. Already the public is suspicious of some unlawful or dishonest behavior, in particular, a violent crime resulting in this death.

I am therefore recommending an immediate autopsy and calling on the Anambra Commissioner Of Police to set up an investigation to unraveled the actual cause of the dead of the elderly clergy.

Prince Okey Emezu

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