50 People Killed, 2,750 Injured in Two Explosions in Beirut, Lebanon

50 People Killed, 2,750 Injured in Two Explosions in Beirut, Lebanon

Not less than  50 people killed, more than 2,750 injured in two large scale explosions in Beirut, Lebanon 🇱🇧.

According to the report gathered, the Lebanon’s head of general security said the blasts occurred after a warehouse holding highly explosive materials caught fire in the city’s port causing multiple explosion.

Matters Arising gathered that, the entire port is destroyed and hundreds of buildings and public infrastructures damaged.

Recently, Israel have raised concerns about the activities of Lebanese Indigenous terror group Hezbollah which they suspected is developing, storing and assembling nuclear explosives in the city’s port and threatening to unleash them on Israel as soon as they are fully developed.

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