Fani Kayode Express Fear & Preach Unity as US Report Al Qaeda and ISIS Planned

Fani Kayode Express Fear & Preach Unity as US Report Al Qaeda and ISIS Planned

The formal Minister has taking to his social media page to express his concern about the importance of report released by United State of America on the evil planning of Al Qaeda and ISIS

According Fani Kayode he said, if the United State report is true, the southern Nigeria might soon experience the savagery and barbarity northern Nigeria has been facing for a while

Read the Statement below

The claim by the United States that Al Qaeda and ISIS are planning to infiltrate the south is alarming. If true, the south will soon experience the barbarity and savagery that the north has been subjected to by these two terrorist organisations over the years. We must UNITE and RESIST them to save our people and our nation.

We may have differences between ourselves which ultimately can be resolved but we must not allow these two evil terrorist organisations to turn our nation into a cauldron of fire. They seek to tear us apart and destroy us ALL and only a fool would say otherwise. We must not allow them to do this.

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