How to Keep Your Reletionship Very Strong Even Without Sex

How to Keep Your Reletionship Very Strong Even Without Sex

How to Keep a Strong Reletionship Even Without Sex

You can keep your relationship very strong even without sex but it required some sacrifice which many girls/ladies of nowadays fail to

Today a lot of girls complain that guys walk away from them simply because they refused giving them Sex, Some have even turned into Sex toys just to keep their man

Let me be very blunt here with that your impression

Sex might not be the reason these guys walk away! remove sex from a relationship and see that most girls don’t have anything else to offer their man!!

What value do you add? absolutely nothing No Extra Oil at all!

Do you really know what I mean by extra oil the EXTRA OIL here is CHARACTER! Most girls do not have extra Oil to sustain any relationship while many brag about self worth and some useless Virginity they threw to the dogs even before they started developing breasts….

Okay tell me aside Sex,what do you have to offer to a man? Can you support him Spiritually? The answer is No. Can you Support him Physically/Financially? You said Nmba. How about Mentally?

So All you do is Demand Money for Bags, Shoes, Clothes, and Outings, Making him spend unnecessarily. What are you even bringing to the table??

Have you ever sat him down and helped him plan about his future? Has he ever seen you as Someone he can Confide in?

Try to be a Woman that a man will Always regret losing for the rest of his Life. Be that woman that your man can never afford to lose to another man!

Build your man to your Taste and stop looking for a ready made husband when you are not a ready made Wife…

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