Enugu Governor Should Hide His Face in Shame – Public Affair Analyst Blast Gburugburu

Enugu Governor Should Hide His Face in Shame – Public Affair Analyst Blasts Gburugburu

Enugu Governor Should Hide His Face in Shame - Public Affair Analyst Blasts Gburugburu

The Enugu Base Social Commentator/Public Affairs analyst has drop bomb shell statement on his social Media page

A public Affair analyst with Facebook page name Ejike Okonkwo has reacted to the viral picture of newly built mansion of Minister of Aviation in Katsina

The Statement reads

I followed events of the said commissioning of the so called Enugu “International” airport on Sunday the 30th of August 2020.

It was an embarrassing show of shame by those concerned. Most especially those who gathered there in the name of celebrating the opening.

I won’t also forget to mention the shameful role of some confused unscrupulous youths in Enugu, who have remained so gullible by helping these looters peddle and circulate fake pictures of the airport.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi should hide his face in shame. The so called ozo Igbo ndu should also follow suit.
These men have failed the Igbo nation over and over again.

What is the rationale behind commissioning ordinary runway? How much of states scarce resources was wasted and syphoned by the jamboree they organised.

Can you go back to FG to complain on the poor state of the same airport you just commissioned this year? Why must it take this long to get the airport fixed and yet nothing reasonable appears to have been done.

Below is a picture of the almost finished private house of the minister of aviation (according to Sahara Reporters) who was also part of that shamefully commissioning.

Compare it with the pictures of the acclaimed “international” airport that has been commissioned.

Ugwuanyi should save us this reoccuring embarrasments. This isn’t what ndi Enugu voted for!

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