Ex-Minister Kenneth Gbagi Molested 3 Ladies 1 Man Stripe Them Naked Over 5,000 Naira in Delta State ~ Matters Arising

Ex-Minister Kenneth Gbagi Molested 3 Ladies 1 Man Stripe Them Naked Over 5,000 Naira in Delta State

Ex-Minister Kenneth Gbagi Molested 3 Ladies 1 Man Stripe Them Naked Over 5,000 Naira in Delta State

A Facebook user identified as Sen Chijinkem Ugwuanyi has called out the Nigeria former minister of federal republic of Nigeria Kenneth Gbagi from Delta state over inhuman behavior

Chijinkem Ugwuanyi alleged that the former Minister as molested his four hotel staff while accused them of stolen N5,000 naira Matters Arising learned

The Statement on Sen Chijinkem Igwauanyi Facebook page reads

Former minister of federal republic of Nigeria  Kenneth Gbagi from Delta state has allegedly stripped, molested and arrested four staff of his Hotel (Royale Signature Hotel),  in Warri, on accusation that they stole money (5000) Five thousand naira from his hotel.

Meanwhile, the Staff claim, with evidence, that the sum was given as a “gift” to the four of them as tip for their hospitality, by a guest, on the 8th of September.

As at Friday the 18th day of September, 2020 at the hotel he stripped them ( 3girls and a boy), naked, asked his 15 years old son to film, as he watched and also made a video of them as the mobile Policemen attached to him, pointed gun at them, threatening to shoot should they disobey the order.

He further collected their ATM cards and withdrew  money from their personal accounts, locked them in a room at the hotel before inviting police officers from Ebrumede Police Station to detain them since Friday, 18th September, denying them bail until they were charged to the Effurun Magistrate Court today, Monday on trumped up charges.

This same man is alleged not to pay his workers salaries for several months, despite having the resources to do so, yet, does such evil to these young ladies and guy.

The families of the victim are calling on all Nigerians, the Inspector General of Police, Human Rights Organizations, Government of Delta State and the Presidency, to come to their aid as he has vowed to further humiliate and make both their lives and that of their families miserable. 

This is not the first time Chief Gbagi Kenneth is doing such evil to his workers and poor people in the society. He has to be stopped. He said

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