4 Fun facts about NINI

‍Anita Singh who goes by the nick name of Nini, is one of the newly evicted big brother naija housemates. Nini

You can agree with me that she was a smart player in the house who had her eyes solely fixed on the game without paying much attention to distractions. And speaking of distractions…… Hmmmmn, Saga came as one. But that will be story for another day as I bet not too many people were in support of the relationship or situationship in the house, giving the way Saga was all over her knowing fully well that she is in a serious relationship.

Well, I’ll be tipping you on four gun facts about the 26 year old Nini which shows how a simple person she is.

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1. ‎She once stated that it is almost impossible to catch her loose guarding……. Hmmm, could it be why she was so carefully carefree with Saga? Who knows, she really came in with plenty brains. (Winks)


2. She said she likes to live freely and beautifully. Okay, it almost got me wondering why she was always leading uncle Saga on even though she knew he liked her but couldn’t be in a relationship with her. Could it be as a result of her free minded personality?,,,, I guess it is.


3. She loves a simple lifestyle. From her dressings and behavior. She tends not to over hype everything about her. Which from her stay in the house, it could be seen. She likes simplicity in everything she does. Well, let’s watch out now that she’s out if things will still be like that.


4. She could be partly Indian. Hmmmm, gengen! Take a look at her hair, and her surname (SINGH), Do I need to say more. Lolz.

Well, this are some fun facts about NINI. I hope she enjoys all the goodness waiting for her. See you on this page soonest.‍

Thank you for reading.


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