Only uniform change their mentality still remain – Zara Onyinye Criticized Disband Call for Reform

Only uniform change their mentality still remain – Zara Onyinye Criticized Disband Call for Reform

Zara Onyinye is a very popular political activist, supporter of All Progressive Congress APC government and she is a die-hard President Buhari fans, she has criticized the recent disbanded of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS

Zara Onyinye through her social Page has earlier call for reformation of Police/SARS not to end SARS with a reason best known to her. But it appear that majority of Nigerians are calling for ending of SARS is a way forward to stop killing of Nigerian youth by men of SARS.

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In the middle of the day on Sunday 11th October 2020 the Nigerian inspector general of police announced the dissolution of SARS and it operation.

Zara Onyinye why reacting to disbandment of SARS  she said “The same ex-SARS officers will be on various checkpoints across the country by tomorrow morning doing their thing. The only difference is; they will now be wearing police uniform” What has changed? She asked’

Onyinye said, “If you don’t reform the man, then nothing has been achieved. It’s not about change of name or uniform, it’s about the man.”

“Until the men and officers of the Nigerian police are reformed, re-educated and reorientated, we have achieved nothing.” She said

What is your take on this

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