JUSTIN: Nnamdi Kanu Apologize To Yoruba People After Destroyed of Tinubu, Oba Eko Palace & Other Public Properties

Nnamdi Kanu Apologize To Yoruba People

Nnamdi Kanu Apologize To Yoruba People

The leader of indigenous People of Biafra IPOB has admitted and apologized to the order of destruction he gave his followers.

The Nnamdi Kanu Statement reads below:

“I support the protest by Nigerians. I am against corruption. I love the yoruba people. I will never support violation of the rights of the yoruba people.”

“I am a Republican and I will never derogate other peoples right to self determination.i am from Umuahia. From Ibeku.”

“I can’t determine what happens in Omuma in umuahia Everyone should be free to determine themselves and enjoy their rights.”

“What we are fighting for is truth and justice. I support these young people. I fight for muslims and Christians My words were taken out of context.”

“All those trying to infuse ethnicity and religion in this fight for justice have failed. That’s how nigeria behave. That’s how Britain behaves. Divide and rule.”

Do you think that my father who was a traditional ruler, so I will give order to desecrate the throne of a yoruba ruler?

“Never I can never desecrate a throne in yoruba land If I have said anything that suggests such disrespect for the yoruba, I apologize. I can never do so. We are all in the protest together.”

“If you want better life you must support the youths of Nigeria. When I say, our people”, I refer to everyone who supports justice. Not igbos or yourba. We are one. We-East, west and south south- we are one”

Nnamdi Kanu said on Zoom conference on 10/22/2020.


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