Count us out of IPOB, We are Niger Delta Not Igbo – Abia, Imo state youth declared

Count us out of IPOB, We are Niger Delta Not Igbo – Abia, Imo state youth declared

Youth from Abia and Imo state has declared that, they are only states representing Niger Delta from Southeast. According the the statement made available to Matters Arising the youth said, “I am speaking as the representative of Niger Delta in South East.”

“I want to use this opportunity to tell Ndị Igbo that Imo and Abia are Niger Deltans and not Igbo people.”

“It is funny seeing IPOB hoisting their flag in Imo and Abia, claiming that Imo and Abia are Igbo land.”

“We want to reiterate that We are Niger Deltans and not Igbo. But Igbo people are free to live and do their business in Abịa and Imo.”

“We can’t because of our hospitality welcome criminals.”

“IPOB should not use their demand for referendum to cause us war in Nigeria again. Referendum is war.”

“This is exactly how the foolish Gov Wike and his Efulefu South East Governors sounded in that their useless meeting.”

We know that antics and it can’t work again. Nigeria’s divide and rule tactics can never determine who we are. South South or South East is not a name of a tribe, and neither is Niger Delta a tribe.

We have indigenous Igbo people in Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom, Edo, Kogi and Benue State and they must undergo referendum to determine where they want to belong. There are also Izon, Ogoni, Efik etc as part of Biafra.

We must free ourselves from Nigeria. And anyone that wants out can be free to leave. And just like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said, we will organise send forth for them.

War is already here in Nigeria. You politicians can’t see it because your loots have covered your face. – By Elochukwu Ohagi

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