Health Tips: How Deep Is The Vagina? And Why It Hurts During Sex

How Deep Is The Vagina? And Why It Hurts During Sex

During sex, most men have the objective of penetrating deep for a more stimulating experience, but just how deep can a man penetrate?

We’ve covered the average length of the penis, but just how deep does the vagina go? WELL HERE’S THE ANSWER!

At its rested state before arousal, the average vagina of a woman that has never been pregnant is about 3 to 4 inches in length. As a woman becomes stimulated, the vagina lengthens/doubles.

When you’re having sex, your vaginal canal can get longer to accommodate penetration. Sexual arousal forces your cervix and uterus to lift up and out of the way, which causes the upper two-thirds of your vagina to lengthen.

But if you feel a penis or sex toy hitting your cervix, that could mean your body isn’t turned on enough to allow for full penetration of course, that’s not the only reason your cervix could be touched when thrusting is too deep, or if a penis or toy is larger than the average penis size. That’s about 6 inches when erect.

No penis is bigger than a babies head, also no penis is bigger than a babies body, if a baby can pass through the vagina then that means it can comfortably stretch out to contain any penis no matter the lenght and thickness. (The vagina can stretch to contain the fist up to elbow length).

No or little Foreplay is the reason you feel pain due to lack of proper stimulation and arousal.

Make sure you communicate your discomfort to prevent damage and any health complications such as abdominal pain, bleeding, tearing or rupturing.

If you are having trouble fitting a larger penis within your vaginal walls, incorporate more foreplay into your sexual experience to further widen the cervix, and add more lubrication (such as astroglide or KY Jelly) to help the penis enter and exit more smoothly.

Enjoy and remember WRAP It UP! Safe Sex is Great Sex! SHARE to educate others. Cheers 🥂



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