A Woman Will Never Cheat On You If She Has Given This To You


This message is for Men and Women and no sentiments were attached, just hard truth.

Now a lot of females misinterpret the word loyalty thinking loyalty is slavery or worship of any man but it is completely different from that.

Loyalty means giving and showing firm or constant support or allegiance to a person.

Loyalty is not slavery but allegiance to a person, the strength of a relationship is determined by loyalty to each other and loyalty is born through attraction, love and trust.

Why dogs remain man’s best friend is because of loyalty.

You can’t buy it with wealth, you only earn it. You have to be worthy of loyalty for your woman to give it.

If you are overly possessive or barking orders and instructions at your woman, she will only give you her obedience but will not be loyal, such obedience will only be activated right in your face and when you are not there she does what she likes, why?
Her attraction for you is weak and she doesn’t care about you or what you want, she only cares about her happiness.
If she were loyal to you, she would put your happiness first before herself or she would make your happiness one of her major priorities.

Loyalty is the support and love from fans that will make a celebrity want to do more to entertain them, they would queue to buy tickets, they would fight to take the front roll, they would tattoo the celebrity’s name on their body, they would watch and live like the celebrity, they would use the celebrity as a wallpaper, they would confess love, this is loyalty but the question is why are they so loyal?

Many Men want loyal women but how do you get loyalty from a woman? Since you cannot buy it with money. How do tou then earn it?
You see, the fans are loyal because of how valuable the celebrity is, this is the same thing that applies in relationship. Level of value matters, how valuable you are will determine the loyalty you get, if you earn a woman’s loyalty you have earned it all, she wouldn’t cheat.

Note that, attraction doesn’t earn you loyalty, she can be attracted to you and not be loyal, for you to earn her loyalty you must be valuable.

As for the ladies, What ladies do not understand is that with loyalty She can have him do anything for her, just like celebrity doing more for the fans to keep them happy

When feminism comes to play a woman loses every understanding of loyalty- feminism is an enemy of the Loyalty.

Only advanced women control men through loyalty.

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