Matter Arising is a special media platform established following the “Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, Comprising of Ordinary Human beings with an overriding dedication in looking for the fact and publishing it without Fear or Favor

We are talking Matters Arising in Politics, Religious Matters, Entertainment and Viral News, Trending Video, Opinions, Sport, no matter how controversial your content is you have nothing to worry about.

Matter Arising is a platform for commentary, we are aimed to encourage participation by giving a voice to those who have something to add to the discussion.

Matter Arising is a platform where you can analyze, criticize and proffer solution on political ideas on the challenges facing the World.

Matter Arising is a call for all Bloggers, Freelancer Journalists, Whistleblower, Social Media Commentators, Writers and others to be reborn through active participation, though much has been said about the need to give ordinary people a voice, but little has been done to give it to them.

Matters Arising aim at gives voice to grassroots activists, offering opportunities to participate and encouraging political activism on all fronts and across all levels. You can be part of us from any part of the world