Backlash: Your comedy no even make sense – Fans lambasts Comedian Gbevo after reply fans rudely

Backlash: Your comedy no even make - Fans lambasts Comedian Gbevo after reply fans rudely

The Edo base Comedian Gbevo has face serious backlash from fans after rudely replied one of his fans advise

Comedian Gbevo who post on his Facebook page wrote “Obe To Dun, Owo Lo pa” (Sweet soup, money is the key)

One of Comedian Gbevo fan, Kendrick Chibuzor when commenting he wrote “Comedian Gbovo Sir I would advice u keep your marriage away from social media sir.Evil eyes everywhere🙏🙏 My candid advice sir. H e wrote

Comedian Gbevo while reacting to Kendrick Chibuzor comment he wrote “It pisses me off wen some1 dat don’t even hv a serious girlfriend not to talk of a wife tells me how to run my family”

This Comedian Gbevo response has generates a lot of reactions and he has received backlash from commenters.

Reactions from commenters reads below;

Chuks Brown wrote “Comedian Gbovo it obvious you have problem of understanding simple english. Kendrick Chibuzor  didnt say anything bad concerning your home/family . He only gave his penny advice.  But u misunderstood it.  Its one thing to read and another thing to understand.

Olamide Fafowora

“He only Clear Your Doubt Naa , How sure are you he doesn’t have a serious relationship , gbovo you too talk 😇Na crime to advice you ? You and Bubu na the same Joo😷

Osa Yi

“Comedian Gbovo, Nobody is telling you how to Run your Family,  Mr. Kendrick Chibuzor is just advising you. Even Great Leaders around the World employs ADVISERS. Learn to ignored such comments and 🛑 attacking them, BIKOS Today Nor Be Tomorrow!


Gift Onyinyechukwu wrote

“Comedian Gbovo Oga u are too rude, calm down, ordinary pissed, u spell am as peace due to over Sabi, u think say e dey easy to get fan, no be say ur comedy dey make sense



Comr Ogangwu Solomon wrote

“Comedian Gbovo look at d kind of nonsense u vomited to this guy….

Did he says anything bad about ur family? If you can’t take his advice just ignore it, u are here saying such rubbish.,…..

Him wen even d follow u nd advice u no get wetin to do? U beta watch ur mouth towards ur fans oooo

Lord Imonlemen Craig wrote

“Comedian Gbovo what is wrong with you this guy was been polite here which one is peace off instead off piss off.learn how to address your followers with calmness not with aggressions 👍

Onovughe Emmanuel Okpodu

“Comedian Gbovo Sir, Ur response to Chibuzor is to hard. U r one of my very best comedian but u just react like witch now😀 the boy no want problem to come your home u dey vex. U no how many people go dey eye ur wife😄 I beg apologize to that guy. Still love u Gbovo😂

Faith Ijoko Liffin wrote

“Comedian Gbovo I don’t like this your response Sir,it was just an advised,we all love you that is why we are your fan’s Sir,we learn some important things from your comedy Sir,so please try to control your anger, I use my Data everyday to watch your videos is not because am Rich is because I love your style of comedy

Mercy Yilbyen Thomas wrote

“Comedian Gbovo simple advise you are here vomiting what I can’t just tell, what’s this world taking us to?

are you supposed to react to that young man like that?what he says is it wrong? it’s obvious you say things but didn’t practise it, shame on you to respond this rudely even to a comment that mean no harm, you that they are trying to help you are here talking out of point, does these rubbish you pour out sound alright?  small time you will hear this and that, I’m done here please…you supposed to apologize for that young man please….even if you don’t want the advice you would have keep it to yourself.

Ezekiel Peddro Odigie wrote

“Comedian Gbovo men go run am for you oooo! The young man only gave a candid advice, though you have two options, leave it or take it. He never mean to upset you!”

“Age, race , financial status, background, marital status  etc doesn’t really matter when it comes to advice.  President Buhari has brought us here because he failed to follow an advice from a young man simply because he is a civilian. #ComedianGbovo please don’t be offended, the young man mean well for you”

Meanwhile Some fans have contrary opinion to the backlashes due to the provoking response of Comedian Gbevo

Silver Chiamamanda wrote

Comedian Gbovo Forget those saying keep your marriage away from social media….pls show us abeg,make we too dey pray for our own..dear lord this happiness I see in Olistar Gold  life also come to mine especially as you’ve blessed her,mine is coming this year o

Mercy’s Hair wrote

I just tire for all those saying he should keep his family private devil is everywhere in secret and in open just pray what you don’t know no know you God is the only protection we need and have so even if he hides what will happen will happen I hate unsolicited advisers I swear they make me feel like I don’t know what is good or bad Biko leave people alone to live their life the way it pleases them ahahhh 🥺🥺

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