Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)
Bria Myles is one of super lady around world who have lived their adult lives in front of cameras.

Bria Myles has proved it multiple times to be very talented has she has work in field of entertainment industry from modelling to acting, dancing and even being an influencer on Instagram. Fortunately or unfortunately, people will remember her more for her past relationship with Drake overshadowing many of the things she has independently accomplished.

Who is Bria Myles? Biography

Bria Myles was born on 21st May 1984 in Los Angeles, California thus becoming a USA citizen by birth. The 35-year-old model is of Trinidadian and Guyanese descent. Although not much is known about her childhood and school life, it is understood that Bria went to Fairfax High School.

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Bria Myles Educational Background

In term of education qualification, actress Bria Myles went to Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, California. The school gives various services of Los Angeles adding West Hollywood, Park La Brea, Fairfax District, and also Larchmont. It works with the Hollywood High School, and also with Hamilton High School.

After studying from high school, Bria Myles did not go for a college education but instead went for dancing projects.

To discovers ones talented that doesn’t take Bria Myles too long to become the top video vixens of her time together with various music video projects. Bria was present in the music video of the song, “Girl Tonight”, and resumed her victorious presence in Nelly Furtado’s music video, “Promiscuous”. Soon after that, Myles was present in Clipse and Pharrell Williams’s music video of the song, “Mr. Me Too”. As Bria Myles’s amazing works were growing, the actress was gaining more popularity and recognition.

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

The actress was then present in the online publication “King”, which is mostly related to the African-American viewers. The site is a derivative of XXL and is popular for its broadcasting of the music industry, fashion, and sports. She was also present in “XXL” being a member of the hip hop magazine which has been in existence from the year 1997 and its owner is Townsquare Media.

The list of the top ten actresses was all popular for showing the unrecognizable rappers and artists who were raising. “Smooth” and “BlackMen” were also other magazines where Bria Myles was featured. In the year 2008, Bria Myles got a chance to become an amazing model for the “Prizefighter” series. It was a tournament which creator was Barry Hearn and was out from Sky Sports. Also, the same tournament has 8 fighters who have to compete in three x three-minute rounds.

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Bria Myles was said to have dated the Canadian rapper, Drake in 2009 before they broke up.

However, nobody can blame Drake for this because he did love her to the extent of mentioning her in some of his songs, including From Time and Bria’s Interlude. Although that relationship is now dead and gone, she still can’t stay out of headlines with constant rumours regarding her such as surgery and baby rumours

She also dated the fast and furious American actor, Laz Alonso before they went their separate ways. Rumor also have it that she had an affair with the Finnish-Canadian Business Executive, Peter Nygard. However, she is still single, not married and no kids.

  • Bria Myles profile summary Name: Bria Myles
  • Date of birth: 21st May 1984
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA
  • Bria Myles age: 35 years
  • Birth sign: Gemini Age: 35 Years Old Occupation: Model, dancer, video vixen, actress

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Bria Myles Net Worth

How rich is Bria Myles? As of mid 2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $250,000, earned through success in her various endeavors. She’s gained numerous opportunities thanks to her connections and her online fame, and as she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Bria Myles Career

Bria Myles started her modeling career after high school and also took part in dancing where she worked as a backup dancer for Ying Yong Twins. Her career took a new leaf in 2005 where she appeared in the video ‘Brand New’ by Rhymefest and Kanye West and had also featured in Twista’s video for “Tonight”.

Myles was away from the music scene for a while until she came back with full force in 2006 where she appeared in Nelly Furtado’s music video for “Promiscuous” and video for “Mr Me Too” by Pharrell Williams and Clipse. She has also worked with top artiste such as Drake, R Kelly and so on. She has featured in many magazines such as Smooth Magazine, XXL Magazine, Black Men Magazine and many others.

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Then, they had to compete in another 2 rounds which are semi-finals and the final in a night. Also, the participants were given prize money from a pool of $95,000 together with a huge share. Since then, there have been thirty-four Prizefighter tournaments presenting fourteen weight parts.

In the year 2013, the model appeared in the reality TV parody, “Real Husbands of Hollywood” (RHOH) as a guest. Other than her acting and modeling career, Bria Myles is also an Instagram star.

The model has already become very popular on online social media platforms, especially on Instagram. As of 2020, Bria has gained more than 1.8 million fan followings there. The site is an image and video sharing service whose actual owner is Facebook, formed in the year 2010.

This also promoted everyone to post their own contents which is viewed by every one of the worlds. The interesting fact is that the contents can be edited and also can be managed. To this day, the platform has turned to be extremely famous, with more than one billion registered users.

Bria Myles (Biography, Education, Carrier, Net Worth and Social Media)

Bria Myles on Social Media

As a social media personality, Bria Myles has been highly active there. The amazing actress has an Instagram account, a Twitter account, and also a Facebook page. On Instagram, Bria Myles has gained over 1.8 million followers.

Likewise, Bria Myles has 69.1 thousand followers on his Twitter account and less than five hundred followers on his Facebook page. Bria Myles’s social media accounts are all full of his modeling and acting-related posts with a massive number of followers on there.


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