Budgam Public Park Turned Into Garbage Dump Administration Unmoved

Budgam , January 26 : Residents of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district on Wednesday expressed anguish against the district Administration Budgam for failing to clean the main public park, as heaps of garbage can be seen surrounding the park from all sides ,leaving the entire town into inconvenience

The Residents and the shopkeepers of the
town complained that the disposing of
waste around the park was a nuisance for them because stray dogs could be seen feeding on eatables in Garbage heaps. The locals also complained that it is not too far from DC office, Budgam, questioning the department for being ignorant.

Zeeshan Ali,a local resident at Budgam told the Matter Arising that the Municipal corporation are not lifting the garbage from decades.

Another resident from the town, Aijaz Hussain told us that it is so unfortunate, that this public park has turned into garbage dump. The people used to offer nimaz , sit there and drink fresh spring water ,enjoying the glorious fish watch.

One of the shopkeeper told the Matter Arising, that the pond used to be fresh and clean compare with the situation of what it is today ,resulting from the disposed of un used materials

This not only pollutes the environment but also becomes the breading sites of flies and mosquitoes, resulting in deterioration of our health.

The said area is in worst shape since no repair or cleaning has been undertaken from the last 4 years.

He further requested to the concern authourity to look into this matter as soon as possible.

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