Corruption: How Kwara Poly Extort N10m From Students And Shared Among Rector, Other officials

How Kwara Poly Extort N10m From Students And Shared Among Rector, Other officials

The Kwara state polytechnic Rector, Motest Commissioner in another Corruption Scandal, accused of Staff Favouritism and Nepotism

How Rector Directed Payments of Salary Arrears to suspended staff while investigation is yet to complete

A Leaked Document reveals How N10M extorted from students was shared among Rector, MOTES Commissioner, Council members and others

They are desperately looking for ways to establish Microfinance Bank, this will only overstretch the schools Treasury, Staff revealed

All may not have been heard of the corruption scandals that have been trailing kwara state polytechnics as fresh allegations of ethnic favouritism , extortions and embezzlements have been leveled against the Rector , Dr Abdul Jimoh Mohammed

Recall that this medium revealed some sharp practices in the institution involving high profiled individuals ranging from the Rector to the MOTEST Commissioner and some members of polytechnic board.

Following this exposition, the ICPC had commenced investigation into series of corrupt practices said to be ongoing in the state owned polytechnics but the investigation is grossly influenced and not exhaustive as the Rector, the Commissioner for Tertiary Institution, Messr Moddibo Kawu, some board members etc are not enlisted in the investigation despite their individual roles in several shady dealings.

Overstretching Polytechnics financial Capacity

Another allegation made against the Rector and the MOTEST Commissioner is the overstretching of the polytechnic financial muscle to oil their own personal interests . Financial experts had on several occasions advised that the polytechnic financial capacity cannot cope with handling a Microfinance Bank but the Rector have started making fund withdrawals running into millions of naira to launch a microfinance bank .

Just 2 weeks back , about fifty million Naira was withdrawn from polytechnic account without following any financial protocols to fund a microfinance bank establishment. There was also another multiple #10million withdrawals last week for similar purpose by the Rector.

Some polytechnic staff hold the believe that the MOTEST Commissioner is cashing into the inexperience and incapacitated of the Rector and Council chairman to use them achieving her sinister agenda in the school . According to some of the staff who do not want their names mentioned, the MOTEST Commissioner now sees the polytechnic as her only conduit pipe where she’s raking in millions to meet her flamboyant lifestyles since her husband who is used to spoonfeed thr family with public fund had been sacked at NBC for engaging in illicit activities.

How the Rector Fraudulently Reinstated Salary of Suspended Staff When Investigation was still ongoing

Fresh allegations of staff favoritism and breach of polytechnic rules have also been leveled against the Rector. According to some aggrieved staff who confided in this medium , the case involved one Mr AbdulGaneey Olanrewaju fondly called “Baba Dudu” , a staff at Bursary department who according to information was suspended and recommended for investigation for absenting himself from office for a period of over six months without any notice or approval from authority.

Baba Dudu after his suspension was said to be serving as a spy and a secret informant who tells the Rector and Motest Commissioner everything any staff said behind him which allows the duo to know who to treat as friends or enemy among the staff . Infact , Rumour has it that Baba Dudu has a hand in recommendation of the Rector woman’s friend as acting Bursar who was introduced to do the bidding of thr Rector and Motest Commissioner, Messr Moddibo Kawu.

Surprisingly, Baba Dudu who is still under trials for absconding from his duty has suddenly gotten all his withheld Salaries reinstated when the investigation was still ongoing . The Rector having successfully hijacked the Bursary and Account departments of the institution is now using those offices to water his personal egos.

The Rector and MOTEST Commissioner who are both satisfied with the spy works of Baba Dudu had both instructed the acting Bursar to sign for his salary arrears to be paid immediately. Some Polytechnic staff who confided in this medium expressed great worries at the conducts of the Rector who they described as treating Baba Dudu grievous offences with deodorant while subjecting other staff who are not in his good book to untold hardships.

As at the time of gathering this report , this medium confirmed that the Salary arrears of the erring staff had been paid fully to his account while his trial is still not concluded. The job is said to be easy for the duo since all Council disciplinary committee members are from Ilorin , Baba Dudu six months absence from work might have been settled using ethnic favouritism without considering the gross implications on the schools image .

Handwritten Document Revealed How Rector, Council Members and Motest Commissioner Share loots

During the cause of investigation , we also received a handwritten paper which detailed how some prominent individuals are sharing an undisclosed amount suspected to have been extorted from students

According to the document , four hundred naira was deducted from each students and shared among some individuals which involved the Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Mesrs Modibbo Kawu, wife of erstwhile NBC DG who was suspended for allegedly defrauding the organisation of #2.5Billion .

The documents revealed the MOTEST Commissioner and the Rector got N2,500,000 each while the board Chairman was shared N1,500,000. Board members and other principal officers who in the know of the arrangements were given N1,000,000 as their take homes.

Meanwhile , the Rector and other principal officers have now perfected the contract agreement for Globawise Technology , the new consultant handling E-transaction on behalf of the polytechnic. Recall that we earlier reported payment of Ten million naira monthly to Globalwise Technology for a projects already executed by disengaged consultant.

It is nor yet clear whether the ICPC will extend its investigation to all other high profiled staff such as the Rector and his allies but the ICPC is already beaming its searchlight into the actions and inactions of some top management staff in order to stamp out corruption in the institution.

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