COVID-19: If You’re Not ‘lifeless’, Hold Live Press Briefing – Nigerians Tell Buhari ~ Matters Arising

COVID-19: If  You’re Not ‘lifeless’, Hold Live Press Briefing – Nigerians Tell Buhari ~ Matters Arising

Nigerians on social media, including a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri, have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to prove US President Donald Trump wrong by showing the world he is not a “lifeless” President.

According to them, this was the best time for President Buhari to show Nigerians that he is not “lifelless” as presumed by the US President.

@renoomokri tweeted, “General @MBuhari’s speech was not live. It was recorded. What is the president afraid of? Why cant he have a live briefing and take questions from journalists? He just reads what is handed to him. #Coronavirus response requires a dialogue, not a monologue

“In conclusion, I urge General @MBuhari to prove @RealDonaldTrump wrong by ensuring that his next broadcast to the nation is not as ‘lifeless’ as his last 2. If he can’t improve, then he may as well program a robot. A robot will do a better job than Buhari!”

SirH74741, “All this are recorded and edited videos. I’m ashamed of this country, how did we get here? I can’t even hear what buhari is saying.”

@Otuegbe2, “When Nnamdi Kanu was saying it that ‘Aso rock is empty’ ‘nobody’s there…’ No president, no Vice President no chief of staff. Nobody wants to listen because it’s Nnamdi Kanu. But the truth is buhari is dead.”

@NewtonsJonathan, “Even Trump respond to questions from journalists during his countless speech, but here in Nigeria it’s called ADDRESS so no one can ask him question. It is what it is.”

@3erom, “This is wat poor education has done to many Nigerians that they can’t see farther but accept whatever is dished to them. When Intelligent minds are saying something is wrong it is best to shut up and see reasons rather than show your low IQ in matters you don’t comprehend.”

@Sir_Ub9ce,”What they voted for. Even students I teach can answer questions when faced in a debate.”

@9ja_muncher, “We all know Buhari doesn’t believe what he read out. A man that set up WAI to flog his citizens. Buhari military regime escalated soldiers brutality against civilians.”

@PrincetonDemien, “All of that makes no sense to Nigerians. That’s not what we all need from unfit President who can’t see what is needed in the country.”

Niltechworld1, “Even a 10 years old could have as well prepared a better address to the public.”

@ChelseaOkezie, “I taught I was the only one that took note of that. His speech was so selective he can’t even address his people with a clear speech.”

@AbuaUnimke, “I wept for Nigeria after listening to @MBuhari address us for 19 minutes. Who did we offend? Who cursed us? Sorrow may endure for a while but joy comes in the morning. Our morning must come in Jesus name amen…”

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