Don’t forget home – Buhari tells Nigerians living abroad

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians living abroad to always remember to contribute to the nation’s development.


On Wednesday, June 29, Buhari met with a group of Nigerians in Lisbon, Portugal, and urged them to continue to be ambassadors for Nigeria in their actions and character.



On Thursday, June 30, his media aide, Garba Shehu, issued the following statement:


“Nigerians in the diaspora have thrived and leveraged their skills to raise our country’s profile higher, economically, socially, technologically, and culturally, in every field of human endeavor, be it the creative industries, sports, health, or academia.

“It is for these reasons that the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NiDCOM) was established by this government to facilitate and support your engagement with our country for a win-win outcome in our effort to keep Nigerians united at home and abroad.

“You must continue to be our unofficial ambassadors in your demeanor, actions, and character. You must excel and be the best in all that you do. While here, don’t forget about home, because you are the example we want to set for the rest of the world.”


Buhari also urged Nigerians in diaspora to use social media to promote unity in the country rather than incite hatred.


He continued,


“Many countries, including our own, have had to take harsh measures against certain social media platforms in order to rein in their excesses and prevent them from destabilizing our societies.

“As a result, I urge you to use social media responsibly. We all want the best for our country and people, so let us work together to build, unite, and prosper our country and people, rather than insult and incite from a safe and anonymous distance.”

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