Everything you need to know about Chinmark Group

Everything you need to know about Chinmark Group

Chinmark group is an international conglomerate that have different subsidiaries Chinmark Farms, chinmark Rides, Chinmark Loans, Chinmark home and Shelter.

The Chinmark group is an independently funded, non-profit initiative of Dr Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, the founder of the Chinmark Group Global.

Chinmark group was primarily set up to extend the reach and benevolence of Dr Marksman to reach under privileged indigenes and to be a blessing to humanity by touching lives, transforming lives, restoring hope and impacting on people positively

Chinmark Group is a global conglomerate made up of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to touch lives via the services she provides. Chinmark group is interested in delivering excellence, quality, and speedy services for customer satisfaction while consistently being transparent, expanding its client base and international legacy.

How to partner with Chinmark Group

Partnership is one of the Chinmark Group aims and objectives, Chinmark looking forward in providing safe fund options for individuals. With years of guaranteed sustainability in chinmark investment business system, Chinmark group has created a way for individuals to partner with Chinmark group global.

Everything you need to know about Chinmark Group

To partner with Chinmark  group, the partnership funds ranging from N500,000 to N900million, individuals are assured of a monthly 3% flat rate return on partnership for a minimum partnership period of 6months and a maximum duration of 1 year.

Chinmark group partnership growth plan allows partners to secure their monthly interest and their initial partnership funds, which is paid back at the signed expiration of the partnership  contract.

Chinmark Construction

Chinmark group construction is one of area Chinmark Group prioritize its responsibility in making quality structures available to the average man apart for being a global brand, Chinmark group Construction meets the needs of the average man. With professional hands and standard materials

Everything you need to know about Chinmark Group

When it come to construction chinmark group have been in business for over a decade, Chinmark group have make tremendous successes and excellently doing well in term of delivery.

One of the key advantages of trusting Chinmark group construction is the possibility of owning well built structures at an affordable rate with an easy payment strategy that allows payment in installments helping chinmark work step by step with clients using their budgeted sum.

Chinmark Group Loans

Considering financial boarding, Chinmark Group get you covered with a subsidiary that creates financial opportunities and funding for business owners.

Chinmark group loans offers quick business loans for individual and commercial funding for small scale and large existing businesses. Chinmark group loan service is aimed at reviving and solving business needs with bankable collateral (landed property, houses/building structure, Vehicles.)The minimum tenor for a facility is 1 month, accompanies by a fixed monthly interest rate. At the expiration of the agreed period, the debtor repays the loaned sum and retrieves the collateral.

You may be wondering Why Chinmark group Loans? When they are not micro finance bank

Well, whatever personal needs you may have always remember that Chinmark group loans offers top notch and speedy delivery for your financial needs. Reach out to chinmark group for guidance or walk into any of chinmark group branches and they will plug solutions to your financial needs.

Chinmark Group Transportation

Chinmark Executive Transportation is one of the largest sectors of Chinmark group key into. It is a transportation platform that prides itself in providing regale movement with seasoned chauffeurs.

Everything you need to know about Chinmark Group

Chinmark group have an exotic fleet of cars which includes Es350, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Prado Jeep, Lexus470, Sienna, and lots more to maximally solve your transportation needs.

Chinmark Group Agriculture

Chinmark group know the important of feeding the nation that’s why they also key into agriculture, where Chinmark group produce healthy and hygienic food supplies for the teeming populace for easy access and at an affordable cost. Obviously Chinmark group partner’s investment are diversified in various aspect of agriculture to yield profit. In line with is, Chinmark Farms also supplies quality fertilizers and pesticides to farmers across the country.

Chinmark Medicals

We all understanding that wealth is nothing without health, Chinmark group ensures that her clients live long and healthy through Chinmark Medicals.

Chinmark Medicals is a subsidiary of Chinmark group that has a consistent proven record of promoting health care delivery through the supply of medical equipments to individuals, corporate and public sectors, hospitals etc.

Chinmark group value life and healthy living, therefore, provide unlimited access to modern medical facilities, laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceuticals need to our clients around the globe through storing, distribution, sales, and maintenance of medical facilities.

Chinmark Foods

When it’s come to food, Chinmark Foods has positioned itself as one of the most iconic ‘must visit’ food ordering platform in Nigeria, supplying an unrivalled range of appetizing dishes. Whether you’re a true foodie, social butterfly, a happy family, a tourist, a resident or a local based in Nigeria.

Chinmark Foods specializes in African and Continental cuisine, located in the heart of Nigeria, with a presence in Lagos, Owerri, Port Harcourt, etc.

Chinmark Foods is finally open and ready to welcome guests, tourists, and residents in Nigeria with a promise of a world-class dining setting, online food ordering, and a hygienic approach to satisfy your taste buds.

Chinmark Logistics

At Chinmark group logistics, chinmark provide an advantage of swift, effective and seamless delivery, intra state and intra state delivery. Chinmark Logistics is a premium, all-inclusive service that collects and delivers shipment and parcels in the shortest possible time while satisfying customer’s needs.

As earlier stated Chinmark Group is a leading global entity coverers a lot of subsidiaries that provide an opportunity to lighten the burden of living and touch lives via the services she provides. Chinmark Group as a parent company was established with a strong focus to provide services that exceed clients’ expectations.

In partnering with Chinmark group there is nothing to worry about, I repeat absolutely nothing because partners funds are guaranteed and protected by Insurance and if Chinmark Group ever becomes bankrupt, all assets of the company would be liquidated (buildings, cars, lands) and proceeds would be channeled to offset all its outstanding financial obligations.

About Chinmark Group in Summary

Chinmark Group is a global conglomerate that is made up of various subsidiaries that provide opportunities to touch lives via the services she provides. Chinmark Group registered as a corporate organization in 9 Countries, Chinmark Group received its Nipost license in the month of November, 2021. The Founder of Chinmark Group is Dr. Amb. Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah and Chinmark Group has been in Existence for 10years.

Chinmark is interested in delivering excellence, quality, and speedy services for customer satisfaction while consistently being transparent, expanding our client base and international legacy.

Chinmark Group Subsidaries includes:

  • Chinmark Loans
  • Chinmark Foods and Logistics
  • Chinmark Executive Rides
  • Chinmark Homes and Shelters Ltd
  • Chinmark Medicals
  • Chinmark Farms
  • Chinmark Partnership
  • Chinmark Hospitality
  • Chinmark Restaurant

Chinmark Group Official Websites


Chinmark Subsidiary websites

Chinmark Group has three (3) Restaurants in located in Dubai. The addresses is as follows:

  • Chinmark Restaurant Sharjah Branch, sharjah, Dubai
  • Chinmark Restaurant, sabkah Branch,  Marhaba Hotel
  • Chinmark Restaurant, Marina Branch Shops 5 and 6 Marina Hotel Apartment, Marina Dubai, Marina Walk, Dubai

Chinmark Group has 9 Branches located across Nigeria. There addresses are as follows:

  • Enugu: 162, Ogui road, opposite phone Village, Fire service Busstop, Enugu.
  • Lagos: 123, Ogba road, off Oba Akran avenue, Ikeja Lagos.
  • Lekki: Plot 1B, Rock drive, Opposite Olive Multi Specialist hospital , Lekki phase 1
  • Owerri: 98, Wetheral road, opposite New stadium, Owerri.
  • Abuja: 28, Ubiaja Cresent Garki 2, Abuja.
  • Onitsha: 14, Iboku street, off New market road, Onitsha
  • Portharcourt: Chinmark Group Building, Opposite Rumuapara Community secondary school, Nkpolu Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt
  • Uyo:  79, Udotung Uboh street, Oron road, Uyo.
  • Kaduna: 24, Constitution road, Kaduna.
  • Chinmark logistics currently operates in 4 states in Nigeria
  • Owerri
  • Lagos
  • Uyo
  • Enugu

Chinmark Foods Services is located at 37 Adeniran Ogunsanya Street, Surulere, Lagos.

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