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We live daily with the hope of not becoming victims of circumstances. We live our lives responsibly so as not to cause damage to ourselves or others. Sometimes negative events occur unexpected and our responses to them determine the depth of the damage. Our responses to accidents reduces or worsen the situations.

First aid is part of the word commonly used when dealing with accidents or injuries to ourselves. Though first aid seems to be one of the easily understood word, but it has some complications in application. There is no specific era or age when first aid started because right from the beginning of our existence, we care for ourselves through different means. Everybody has experience of injury one way or the other and we can still remember how we treated ourselves either by default or medically. First aids start by trying to stop a bleeding because too much loss of blood leads to unconsciousness or death if not treated properly. The effectiveness of first aid treatment depends on the skills of the provider. A skill is accepted generally if its application gives maximum relieve or help to a victim without worsening his fettle.

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First aid emergency treatment for choking stick figures icon. Vector illustrations of baby, child, and adult choking while getting rescued with Heimlich Maneuver method.

First aid treatment has no specific beginning because it is developed overtime. Certain individuals learned more on giving first aid due to circumstances they found themselves and how their responses helped the victims. To understand the history of first aid, we will need to consider events that can lead to injury. What we will be considering is warfare. If there is war, there will be loss of lives, wounded soldiers and civilians. For the dead, there is no remedy; but for the wounded there is still hope. How can we help the wounded so that they won’t end up dead?

Gone are the days when treatment was believed to be given by witches and wizard because they were believed to have possessed spiritual powers. In 1099, religious knight were trained to treat battlefield injuries irrespective of their nationality. Help was given to those who needed it on the battlefield though it was risky for them. First aid treatment was carried out by some set of people until mid-19th century when the first international Geneva convention was held which led to the creation of Red Cross to treat sick and wounded soldiers before medics arrived. Here, laws were made to safeguard the lives of the first aider and soldiers during wars. After a decade, an army of surgeon proposed the idea of training civilians on how to treat sick or injured fellow which started in 1898 in britain.

More improvements on first aid treatment are found in the ethics and history of red cross society which is an involuntary organization. Some wonder if first aid treatment is needed only on battlefield; it is needed everywhere because accident can occur anywhere. We will talk about some common skills to possess to perform first aid treatment.

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