2021: Five fashionable traditional attires in Nigeria.

Nigeria as you all know is a very colourful country, with various ethnic groups that have beautiful modes of dressing.

Now in this article we will review 2021 five traditional attires in Nigeria that will glam up the streets each time the wear them. Without wasting much time lets jump right into them.


Igbo is among the ethnic group in Nigeria with a very fashionable and colourful traditional attires in Nigeria .The men wear a shirt with large lion heads know as “isiagu”,with wrappers or large legged trousers,as well as cap.

The women clothes usually consist of a blouse ,a skirt or dress which are very colourful and beautiful.


Tiv traditional attires are very fascinating and beautiful. Tiv is among the the tribes with beautiful traditional attires in Nigeria.

Both men and women wear cloths with strips of black and white.

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Yoruba is one of the major tribes in Nigeria,the men wear trousers know as sokoto,and also agbada which is similar to the hausas babban Riga.

While the women were gele with buba and iro.Yoruba is a tribe that has fashionable attires in Nigeria.


The both ethnic groups have beautifully cultural attires, the tribes dominated the north part of Nigeria.The are among the tribes with beautiful traditional attires in Nigeria.



Igala is a tribe in Nigeria that mostly dominate the north central part of Nigeria. The tribe is also blessed with beautiful traditional attires in Nigeria. Both men and women wear adorned themselves with yellow,green and black outfit known as the igala “achi”.

Nigeria is has many ethnic groups with beautiful attires that looks good anytime the wear them.

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