Five Things You Should Do Immediately After Your NYSC

What next after NYSC?

An average Nigerian youth starts anotherp phaseof life immediately after NYSC. The reality of it all is that we are in a country where unemployment abounds, except you are fortunate to get a job while serving or you got retained by the company where you had your PPA, or are from a wealthy family that can get you jobs or establish you in your line.

If you had passed through this phase and you are in a stable financial status now, we will like to hear your contribution via comments to help others and give them direction. It is usually said that life begins after NYSC. Yes this could be true because once you are done with your NYSC you are unofficially inducted into the Labour Market.

Below are the five things you should do immediately after NYSC:

Make A Decision On Your Future Source Of Income
What this means is that you should decide whether to go into business or look for a job in any establishment. This decision must be made so as to give you a head start on this next action to take. You must give yourself direction on what next to do. Everyone has different potentials and I am sure by now you must have discovered your potential, streamline your potential to a particular niche and make a full decision to pursue it relentlessly.

Reduce On Past Extravagant Lifestyle
This doesn’t mean you should dress tattered or wretched, but try to cut down on some unnecessary excesses knowing full well that you are starting a new phase of life. Do not outgrow your shadow, try your possible best to live within your limits with the full consciousness that those things as school fees and feeding monies may not be at your beckon call any longer and you are expected to start taking care of certain bills.

Prepare Your CV

You are about to showcase your talent to the world, you have to put down your qualifications in black and white. You will be presenting them to companies if you decided to work. But if you decided going into a business, it is the right time to draft a business template. In our world today where it is possible to even start a business online without spending much, you can easily start a business.

Make Friends With Already Established People
Birds of a feather flock together; it is time to mingle with already successful people so you can learn from them. Do not make the mistake of thinking you have stopped learning, in fact another learning process starts immediately after your NYSC. In other to be successful you need to establish a new circle of friends, make friends with people that will influence your thinking positively and add value to your life.

Build A Purposeful Relationship

It’s time to start thinking about raising a family, you aren’t getting younger. The times of frivolities should be long gone, you don’t want to be in a relationship that doesn’t have a defined purpose, of course at this age and point in your life you cannot afford to waste your time in a relationship that will likely lead you nowhere. If you are in such, it is time to define the purpose and if your partner doesn’t flow along that line you walk away. There is always a better person, you don’t want to be distracted emotionally at this stage of your life, you need all the focus you can get.


Most corpers get so lazy after their NYSC with the belief that jobs will come to them and it is so saddening. Don’t forget there are countless graduates out there. It is a battle of “survival of the fittest”.

We hope this post wakes up someone to get busy and realize that success goes to those who dare!

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