FUN TIME OOO!! Can You Spell Out Your Name Using Football Clubs? (Real Fans Only)

Hello Fans 😀

First of all introduction, this game is exclusive for only Real Football Fans ⚽

If you don’t know anything about football you cant attempt this ooo…

We want you all to do something special by spelling out your Name with football clubs in the world.

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NOTE: You must use real football clubs and not fake names ❗

So Lets Go!

Can You Spell Out Your Name Using Football Clubs?

MINE: My name is Emmanuel so 👇

📌 E – Everton

📌 M – Man United

📌 M — Man City

📌 A — Arsenal

📌 N — Norwich

📌 U — Unidese

📌 E — Everton

📌 L — Liverpool

Drop yours below!

Let’s real Fans now




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