How can you force higher institution students to wear school uniform – Blogger tackles IMT Enugu

The management of Institute of Management and Technology IMT Enugu has compulsory wearing of uniform for all students.

A circular sighted by Matters Arising noted that, management of IMT Enugu has mandated wearing of uniforms following the increase in indecent dressing among the students in the campus.

A social media commentator, blogger and rights activist Comrade Nasirudeen Olahiwola popularly known as FIFTY-FIFTY has tackled the management of Institute of Management and Technology (IMT Enugu) over plans to enforce wearing of uniform.

He wrote “it’s sound so ridiculous to hear a whole Institute of Management and Technology IMT Enugu to force students to wear uniform to school all days, which one is students of higher institution wearing school uniforms daily to school as primary school pupils or what.

“First of all, departmental or school uniform wear doesn’t stop indecent dressing, you said why? Well let me tell you even secondary school students dress indecent with their all days school uniform.

“I feel sorry for IMT Enugu Student’s because they don’t have visionary student’s representatives or poor management of position they are holding, most of this guys representing IMT Enugu students are empty head, they are neither charismatic non vibrant.

“In fact, all what most of IMT Enugu Student’s leaders know is to embezzle union funds, extort students by all means and hails failed politicians for cheap recognition.

“Anyway, back to our normal Matters Arising, from my point of view it’s a bridge of fundamental human rights to enforce students to wear uniform because it is not stated in the institution Dressing Code Conduct.

“Why IMT Enugu Student’s Union persuades school management to enforce wearing of uniform?

What indecent dressing even mean? Well, indecent dressing, means the exposure of one’s body to the public but practice is contrary to the acceptable norms and values of the society. So how can uniform stop indecent dressing

Now, the question I’m asking IMT Enugu SUG and school management is, how do they intend to curb Indecent Dressing by forcing student’s to wear uniform.

SUG IMT Enugu should have come up with a dope strategy of selling wears to students instead of collaborating with school management to extorts students by enforcing unconstitutional laws in the campus.

Why IMT Management can’t give indecent dressing the same approach they gave examination malpractice (EMC).

Why IMT can’t setup a committee to enforces indecent dressing in side Campus just as three wise men doing during exams

Why IMT management can’t alternatively enforce indecent dressing instead of forcing student to buy departmental wear in this hard economy

Similarly, the Former IMT Parliamentarian Speaker wrote IMT “have much things to talk about than uniform that is to say that the people in power have nothing to offer that is why they can’t make a simple implementation, How can a higher institution like Imt been refferd as a secondary “School uniform HOW?

Though, IMT school uniform is black and white which is generally accepted but any other thing is departmental cloth. That is to say that SUG have to be informed so as not to be informed that IMT has already uniform. Let them consider the welfare of the students.. Talk about the everoment..

If you come IMT at night. Every where is black out. Why can’t SUG see all those things. Are SUG blinds?

IMT Enugu is higher institution not primary or secondary school and higher institution should be different from Secondary school

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