How Enugu Carnival Event Manager Disrespect SouthEast Artist – Party Animal

How Enugu Carnival Event Manager Disrespect SouthEast Artist – Party Animal

Enugu Carnival stage stage manager has been call out for disrespecting the southeast artist. Matters Arising entertainment correspondent reports that Enugu Carnival stage manager order bouncers to bounced off  the southeast artists.

Some twitter user has expressed their displeasure with the acts towards the southeast artists and says, that could not happen to Lagos artist

Twitter username known as Party Animal @marcswagz is one the affected artist read his trends tweet statement below:

Fuck this carnival shii .. no disrespect to Papi or Dubem . But for real FUCK THIS .. more detailed rant inna bit . 🤬🤬

Broski ! Wahala be like bicycle . Our management reached out for a performance slot and and agreed on a fee 6days ago . Everything Gucci . I started asking what day in the carnival week we were supposed to perform . So as to prepare accordingly …

“I’d get back to you in an hour” enter 6days . We understand the pressure with events management so we kept reaching out daily . Na so I call the mumu stage manager this morning he said he would get back to us before 4PM . Baba called me by 3Pm to say na today…”

.. The same dickhead tried to disrespect us @Quincy042 campus tour last year . Ma boys and I bounced commit there ASAP . We no perform again cos that was a free show … the mumu boy saw me weeks later start to cap “no vex na pressure” ..

… Next thing they called us on stage based on make turn up the thing . Omo! we neva do 5mims the mumu stage manager and DJ Youngest start to ginger @discophile_ to unplug Lappy . Performance neva even start . Omo like play like play dem cut the performance o ..

… how fat sound check baba say make we no worry . Make we come by 7Pm no sound check . Hmmm ok ooo . 7:30Pm we pull up . We were the only billed artiste in the green room But nothing spoil .. bouncer wan pursue our Mgr from there , we change am for that one normally …..

… Im sure he would read this thread , anywhere you see me please keep the same energy oo .. once again no disrespect to the Cubana guys . E no easy to put the city on 1 week long event . But you see that stage Mgr ? E Dey JONZE !!! PartyAnimal no be Bush Meat ✌🏾

.. We wanted to cancel but as independent artistes we reason the bar wein Dey involved we enter “Forward attack” mode. I called the guy again to ask how many minutes we get to perform he said at least 20mins. We started preparing a 20min performance immediately …..

…We make mistake come early? abi na see finish be that one ? To be respected in the east you have to come from Lagos ? We put in work all year … don’t call us to disrespect us…Wetim pain me pass be say I no even sabi the mumu stage manager name or handle ..

Joel Uzoigwe while reacting he tweet: Wtf this is totally wrong probably cause their from southeast @enugucarnival that una stage manager should be fired Like wtf him no sabi anything

Also Super_chooo tweet: Heard they did that to a couple of other eastern artists bet it would have been like that for a lagos act, we should as well just call it lagos carnival eastern branch #asu #bullshit😒

Party Animal ascertained the story he respond to Super_chooo by tweet: Aswear bro . The bouncer walked out all the south East artistes in the green room except us. Why call them if you gon treat m like shit ?

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